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NVVC provides surgery for pets performed by experienced surgeons. With unlimited care and compassion, some of the procedures we perform include:

  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Eye/Ear/Oral surgery
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Emergency surgery including wound repair, removal of foreign objects and fracture repairs


From routine bloodwork and urinalysis to EKGs and fecal testing, our diagnostic capabilities are second to none. NVVC not only has in-house testing, but we also have access to the top veterinary lab in the area – and daily pickup and delivery help ensure quick and timely results.


NVVC provides medications directly from our on-site pharmacy for prompt treatment. Whether the medication is for post-surgical pain, a chronic illness or for preventative reasons, we do everything we can to make sure your pet gets healthy as quickly as possible.

We also carry a variety of health care and special needs products such as prescription diet food to attend to specific conditions, nutritional supplements and even skin care products. Ask our staff what medication or diet might work best for your pet’s problem.


As part of our comprehensive services, we offer allergy testing to determine exactly what your pet is allergic to. Our tests include checks for antigen-induced antibodies within the blood in order to conclude a diagnosis for problems like inhalant dermatitis, contact allergies, or food allergies.

Once the source of the problem is discovered, we will develop a treatment plan to control the symptoms in order to minimize your pet’s discomfort.


Many of us underestimate the importance of annual professional teeth cleaning for our pets. Imagine how much our pets use their teeth and mouth besides eating and drinking. They use it for playing, grooming etc. Mostly everything our pets do or sniff ends up in their mouths.

Dental disease is a very serious issue not everyone takes into account. Plaque, calculus and tartar build up, can cause infections leading to gingivitis, gum recession, loss of teeth eventually leading to bone damage or loss in the mouth. Once the infection enters the bloodstream it can lead to bigger health issues, heart and kidneys will be affected.

Our pets require regular dental checkup as well as follow up care at home. Brushing your pets teeth is not as hard as it sounds.

Getting them used to their teeth and mouth being touched or played with at a young age will help you in the long run, will not be a struggle once you start brushing their teeth. We always recommend, looking in your pets mouth for any signs of possible pain or discomfort if it has been a while since their last teeth cleaning.

We have dental kits containing an easy to use toothbrush that can be easily put on your finger, toothpaste and a regular toothbrush for your comfort. Help your furry friends live longer.

We have a state of the art dental equipment ready to use. Our staff is fully trained to fully clean, scale and polish your pets teeth. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today for a dental exam and a dental cleaning.


When your pet needs “internal pictures” taken, we use our state-of-the-art digital imaging system. It emits less radiation than traditional x-rays and is faster, less stressful for your pet and allows us to send them digitally to board-certified radiologists enabling a quicker turnaround for second opinions. From full body and dental radiology to ultrasound and echocardiograms, our digital imaging system is second to none.


Proper nutrition is critical to your pet’s overall health and lifespan. NVVC nutritional services include – but are not limited to: diet advice and recommendations based on your pet’s individual needs and current health status; quantity/food type guidelines specific for your pet; customized nutrition plans for healthy pets, pets with allergies, pets with chronic illnesses and more – including recommendations for home-cooked diet preparations.


A microchip is an Identification Chip, about the size of a rice grain, that has a unique code and is injected (virtually pain-free) between the shoulder blades. When the chip is scanned, the code is linked with your pet’s profile and your contact information so your lost pet will be back home with you before you know it. NVVC offers this service because hundreds of thousands of pets have been returned home and saved from euthanasia thanks to the microchip.


From the treatment of arthritis and degenerative joint disease to post surgical pain and wounds, laser therapy helps relieve and improve conditions in a non-invasive, painless and surgery-free fashion. Laser therapy applications include treatment for:

  • Arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Dental procedures
  • Ear infections
  • Fractures/Wounds
  • Post-surgery pain
  • Allergy/Skin issues
  • General Pain Management